About JC Casting

JC Casting

—— Professional Customized Casting Manufacturer

JC Casting Co., Ltd. has 160 employees, 11 senior technicians and 19 engineers.

Scope of Production

Lost Wax Precision Castings, Water Glass Casting, Sand castings, Die Casting and processing assemblies of various materials.

Scope of Application

Petrochemical industry, hardware machinery, automobile, food, sanitary ware, medical treatment, large machinery, fluid machinery, construction, shipping, and other industries.

Business Distribution

26% in North America, 36% in Europe, 10% in China, 20% in Japan and
8% in other regions.

Company Goal

Leading Enterprises in the High-end Parts Manufacturing Industry.

Our Mission

To Be The Most Professional Product Solution Provider for You!

Work Philosophy

Sincerity, Cooperation, Innovation, Competitive

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