Casting Parts for Automotive Industry

The automobile industry is a very big consumer market of cast products that are made using ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys casting. Different casting methods are used for the different automotive spare parts and accessories.
JC Casting is an auto precision casting part manufacturer and exporter in China.As one of the best casting suppliers in the country. ​We have cooperated the auto manufacturer and designers from the US, Germany, Japan for more than 20 years.
​Our manufacturing factory can meet your needs for automotive parts. No matter what type of auto parts we will be here to help you.

Today, China foundries as a primary choice for automotive casting. One reason is its low costs of making domestic molds, fast delivery.Mold cost can be 70 % lower than local purchasing. The fastest product delivery can be within 1 week.


Here is a list of some of the parts that you can manufacture using this process:

Chassis Parts
Transmission Components
Vehicle Interior Components
Air-Conditioning Systems
Engine Parts
Brake Systems and Hardware
Power Steering Systems
Fuel Intake Parts
Gearbox Components
Turbocharger wheels
Intermediate levers
Exhaust Systems
Impeller and Compressor Wheels
Steel pistons
Drive Shaft Components
Other Mechanical PartsRocker Arms
Shifter Forks
Backing Plates
Strut Mounts

Automotive Casting Services

JC Casting specializes in all types of metal castings for automotive industry. We have the ability to produce automotive castings in all shapes and sizes. weighing range little as 1kg to 1000kgs.We follow a strict set of documented procedures and lean production methods. That means we’re able to provide repeatable, consistent, and cost-effective products to our automotive clients.

Our Automotive Casting Services Include:

Redesign: We work closely with our automotive clients, to identify new approaches and opportunities to save. For instance, we saved one customer 60% in production costs by figuring out that two castings and one piece could be cast as a single piece. With our redesign service, the company could recoup its costs in under two years.

Molding and Sampling: The moulding and sampling processes provided in our foundry give an accurate preview of how a part will look, feel and handle. Our free sample will be fastly delivered to our customer for approval. We can modify the mould if there is any necessary of dimensions revision.

Casting: Based on the metal and dimensions designed for automotive parts, we can recommend the most ideal casting method. For example, for stainless steel automotive parts, investment casting is preferred to save or avoid extra machining operation!

Other Value Added Services such as machining, surface finishing, assembly, etc, are also available in our foundry.

  • Mold design , Prototype development
  • Casting Production, High-precision machining
  • Surface Finishing: Polished galvanized, nickel-plated, electroplated, chrome-plated,Anodizing, phosphating, acid treatment, polishing, Surface grinding, sandblasting, powder coating
  • Machining: Broaching, milling, drilling, tapping
  • Heat treatment
  • Value-added one-stop solutions
  • Qualification and testing

Why Casting for Auto Parts

The most common application for casting occurs in the automotive industry. In fact, the idea behind casting was originally created for the automotive industry. Since vehicles require complex shapes and sizes for different parts of the vehicle. It is almost mandatory to use the casting process. Due to the precise accuracy of this process, the need for further machining is practically non-existent. This alone saves an exuberant amount of time and money for the manufacturing of automobile parts.

Different Casting Processes for Automotive Parts Automotive Castings

Stainless Steel Casting

Because stainless steel casting material is resistant to corrosion and high-temperature oxidation. It offers energy absorption properties and maintains mechanical properties over a wide temperature range.

Typical Stainless Steel casting part for the automotive industry: stainless steel exhaust manifold.

Iron Casting

Iron casting’s biggest advantage is lower cost. Not higher quality. Grey cast iron and ductile cast iron are widely used to manufacture automotive components.

Typical Iron casting parts for the automotive industry: brake discs, cylinders heads, crankshaft, engine block.

Aluminum Die Casting

Die casting is a technique where molten metal is poured into casting mold under pressure. The technique can also be used to make very small spare parts for vehicles in large batches. Die casting of aluminum alloys can create lightweight automotive parts with good dimensional accuracy and thermal properties.

Zinc Die Casting

Zinc has a lowering melting point. allowing for less energy during production. Die zinc alloy casting provides strength, flexibility, and malleability for automotive parts that you cannot match with other materials.

Typical zinc die-cast for the automotive industry: retractor gears, seat belt pulleys, and camshafts.

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