JC Casting is a Marine Casting Industry manufacturer in China. Our main supplying products are Marine Grade investment stainless steel casting s and aluminum castings with high corrosion resistance.

Marine Casting Materials

In marine casting products, stainless steel casting and aluminum casting are the most common metal forming processes today. Although aluminum casting is lightweight, it has limited corrosion resistance in seawater and requires extensive maintenance. Stainless steel castings have excellent corrosion resistance, gloss, strength, and stiffness. So it becomes the best choice for the marine industry.

Stainless Steel for Marine Application

For many marine applications, SS 304 castings can be used. But SS316 is the industry standard. It is also called marine-grade stainless steel. Besides 304 316 stainless steel, duplex stainless steel can be used too. They have higher corrosion resistance.

Marine Casting Method

The Marine Casting method with stainless steel alloys is mainly lost wax investment casting. A stainless steel investment casting process is excellent producing dimensionally accurate and superior corrosion resistance for the marine industry. Such as 316 stainless steel casting, which has ​good economic sense. At JC Casting stainless Steel Foundry, we also offer the second operation and surface treatments. Such as electropolishing, mirror polishing. They can enhance marine casting corrosion resistance more and provide casting’s superior surface finishes.

Mrine Casting From JC Casting

We can design and manufacture castings for a range of uses in the industry, including:

  • Engine components
  • Bruce boat anchor
  • Boat Steering Wheels
  • Seal housings
  • Pump housings
  • Marine cross bollard
  • Deck hardware
  • Bearing housing
  • Boat rail base fittings
  • Boat propeller
  • Cleats, handles, brackets, covers
  • Boat hardware

What we can do?

JC Casting mainly supplies custom stainless steel investment casting services to deliver high-quality parts for marine applications.
From concept to finished product, we can produce castings that are made to measure for any marine industry project.

We own rich experience in the stainless steel investment casting process and stainless steel alloys selection to casting marine hardware.

All equipment is Automatic production line in our foundry with higher production efficiency.

Both large marine parts and small volumes can be offered.

We can offer Post treatments such as heat treating, machining and surface finishing.

A flexible transportation solution is available too.