Military & Defense Investment Casting Description

Military and Defence is one of the most significant sectors for investment casting.
Being the oldest and the most advanced of the metallurgical arts, it has proved as the best option for making several vital components specific to the military industry. Military & defense castings include components for weapons, vehicles, planes, and firearms.
Defense equipment and tools are used in tough conditions. So we also make castings that are capable of withstanding extreme conditions. Our castings can withstand tough environments. The castings are meant to stay strong for a long period of time. The castings are highly reliable and strong. As they are used with high-specification materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. JC Castings QC is undergoing several strict tests. It ensures that they can stay strong even in tough conditions.
These castings need the use of high-grade material.

Military Equipment Parts Casting Products

The following are a few products that we make by employing military investment casting metal forming techniques:

  • Armament components
  • Actuator components
  • Fin castings
  • Bearing shells
  • Bi-pod heads
  • Bolt carriers
  • Bolt catches
  • Bomb racks
  • Communication equipment
  • Cylinders
  • Eccentric Bushings
  • Flange Bushings
  • Gear Blanks And Gear Worm Blanks
  • Gun triggers
  • Hinges
  • Launcher components
  • Liners
  • Propulsion components
  • Screw Down Nut Blanks
  • Selector levers
  • Shaft Sleeves
  • Split Bushings
  • Straight Bushings
  • Tapered Bushings
  • Thrust Collars
  • Trigger guards

What we can do

Each casting step is performed in-house under the direction of an experienced engineering team. Our capabilities include:

Research & Design
Full-Scale Casting
Finished Machining

We can do heat treatment, NDT, machining, plating, finishing and other secondary operations to your specifications.

Advantages of Military Investment Castings

Our range of defense investment castings bring you several benefits such as:

Long life tooling
Excellent surface finish
High dimensional accuracy
Ability to cast extremely intricate parts
Ability to cast almost any ferrous and super alloy
No flash and minimal parting lines
Reliable process controls and repeatability
Eliminate secondary machining

Casting Materials

We cast over 65 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Including nickel-base alloys, cobalt-base alloys, carbon steel, and aluminum. To work with you to find the best material for your military castings. Our injection tooling, fixture fabrication and investment casting are also performed in-house. This can control every step of the casting process and ensure accuracy and quality.
In harsh environments like corrosive seas or dusty cityscapes. The material that a part is made of makes a difference between success and failure. As a trusted military castings manufacturer, JC helps you select the best metal alloys. Those we use regularly include:

BronzeLeaded BronzeCopperAluminumNickelMild (low carbon) steelsLow alloy steelsStainless steelsCobalt based alloysCopper based alloysNickel based super alloys