Customized Titanium Brake Pedal For Auto Motorcycle Race Car-JC Casting

Customized Titanium Brake Pedal

  • Material: Titanium TC4
  • Manufacturing: Lost Wax Investment Casting
  • Application: Auto, Motorcycle, Race Car

Titanium brake pedals advantages

  1. Lightweight: Titanium is significantly lighter than steel. It reduces the weight of the vehicle. This characteristic contributes to improved fuel efficiency and better handling, especially in high-performance vehicles.
  2. High Strength: TitaniumAlloy strength can reach 900 MPa. Titanium brake pedals can withstand the demands of aggressive braking maneuvers and heavy use without compromising performance or safety.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion. It ensures the brake pedals maintain their structural integrity even in harsh environmental conditions. Such as exposure to moisture, salt, and road debris.
  4. High Temperature Performance: Titanium brake pedals can withstand elevated temperatures without compromising their structural integrity or performance. It is suitable for demanding braking applications. Such as racing and performance driving.
  5. Durability: The inherent durability of titanium ensures that brake pedals have a longer service life compared to traditional materials. It can reduce maintenance and replacement costs over time.

Titanium brake pedal Manufacturer

JC Casting is a Titanium brake pedal Manufacturer. We can OEM or OED as per your Titanium brake pedal request. We manufacture Titanium brake pedal by lost wax investment casting processing.

The lost wax investment casting processing has advantage of customizing, no shape limited. Some complex produce can be made. High precision: precision casting can manufacture castings with high dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, uniform internal and external walls, no air holes, no sand holes, no burrs and other characteristics. Raw materials Saving.

We can design, manufacture and machine the parts by ourselves.

We have our own technical team, foundary, machining workshop.

A brake pedal is part of A brake pedal assembly.

A brake pedal is used to actuate the brake force booster is pivotally mounted in the pedal mounting support.

A brake pedal assembly is a pedal mounting support for automotive vehicles. It is installed to a brake force booster or a vehicle body wall.

No matter it is a left or right-hand drive car,the brake pedal is on the left side.
It is usually located below the steering wheel.

Titanium Alloy has a high impact strength. This is an important factor for brake pedal design. And its Lightweight is also another element.

We can manufacture it by Lost Wax Investment Casting, Die Casting and CNC machining.

Brake pedal Materials

Besides the Titanium alloy casting materials, we can use other materials to produce brake pedals. Such as stainless steel, carbon steel,aluminum alloy.

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