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—— Professional Customized Casting Manufacturer

JC Casting Co., Ltd. is From Shandong, China. We have 160 employees, 11 senior technicians and 19 engineers service for you!

Scope of Production

Lost Wax Precision Castings, Water Glass Castings, Sand Castings, Die Castings and Processing assemblies of various materials.

Scope of Application

Petrochemical industry, hardware machinery, automobile, food, sanitary ware, medical treatment, large machinery, fluid machinery, construction, shipping, and other industries.

Business Distribution

26% in North America, 36% in Europe, 10% in China, 20% in Japan and
8% in other regions.

Company Goal

Leading Enterprises in High-end Parts Manufacturing Industry.

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What Casting Processes We Can Do?

Lost Wax Investment Casting

Precision Casting Choice

Water Glass Casting

Less Quality requests than lost wax casting, lower cost

Sand Casting

For Large Heavy Casting

Die Casting

For batch mass productions

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We know you are facing the supplier choosing problem. Especially in international business.


Strong Production Capability

From casting methods, casting materials choosing, Production Equipment, quality control & inspection, lead time. You will get the best services (Kindly check what we can do for you!)

Prompt Reply

From getting your first inquiry or receiving your email reply during the dealing period. You will get our reply within 6-12 hrs.

Well After-Sale Services

You receiving the goods is the beginning of our cooperation. From then, we start our services for you.

Save your time

With our advanced equipment and efficient production processes, the delivery time is 2040% faster than competitors.

Reduce Your Risk

You will reduce risk and 70% works. Our one-stop services will shorten your supply chain. Our premium quality will make you worry-free.

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