A356 Aluminum Casting with T6 Heat Treatment

A356 Aluminum Casting Company

JC Casting Factory is specializing in pouring castings of A356 aluminum casting for industrial uses.
ASTM A356 aluminum alloy is the common aluminum casting material. It consists of 92.05% aluminum, 7% silicon, 0.2% iron, 0.2% copper, 0.35% magnesium, 0.1% zinc and 0.1% manganese.

Compared to cast stainless steel alloys, the A356 aluminum alloy is extremely corrosion resistant but lightweight. Its strength characteristics are improved by heat treatment. They are used in the heat-treated condition of T5 and T6 hardness properties. Our A356 alloy casting weight weights between 0.2kg to 20kgs.Small to large volumes are acceptable.

A356 Aluminum Casting Heat Treatment Proces

There are two heat treatments for A356 alloy, T5, and T6.

T5 heat treatment is the simpler option for our castings where the aluminum extruded is allowed to naturally cool.

T6 heat treatment of A356 aluminum castings is more complex. It needs 2 steps. Firstly, the castings cool naturally. Then heated at a high temperature and instantaneously cooled in water. This method increased its hardness.

Advantages of A356 Aluminum Casting

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good weldability characteristics
  • Mechanical properties are excellent

A356 Aluminum Casting Alloy Chemical Composition

The A in front of an alloy designation means a higher purity version of the chemical composition. The differences are in the impurity levels allowed for Fe, Cu, Mn, Cr, Zn, and Ti and are as follows (all maximums):

A356(AlSi7Mg0.3) Aluminium Alloy is very common in Sand Casting Foundry and permanent mold aluminum castings Foundry, Die Casting Factory。 There have 3 Brands, A356.0; A356.1; A356.2. Below are the Chemical Properties.


A356 Aluminum Casting Mechanical Properties

TemperUltimate Tensile (ksi)Yield Strength (ksi)Brinell Hardness (500 Kg)Shearing Strength (ksi)

Applications of A356 Aluminum Casting with T6 Heat Treatment

A356 Alloy casting part is commonly used to make many parts.Pump component
Flywheel castings
Automotive transmission cases, oil pans, pump bodies, housings
High strength air-frame and space frame structural parts
High strength machine parts, truck chassis parts
High-velocity blowers and impellers
frames and bases.

It can be aluminum alloy 6061substitute.

Secondary Operations

T6 Heat Treatment.

A356 aluminum castings are solution heat treated at 1000 degrees F for 6 hours then quenched and subsequently artificially aged at required temperature. T6 heat treatment process can increase the hardness of A356 casting as well as other mechanical properties.

Post Machining.

Sometimes precise tolerance or smoother surface,post-machining is required to meet the specification. High precision CNC machining, milling, drilling, tapping, e-coating, anodizing.

Surface Finish.

Surface finishing ways like Painting, sanding, shot blasting, powder coating, chrome plating are available.