Beryllium Copper Castings Manufacturer

Beryllium copper castings provide many advantages in demanding commercial, industrial, and aerospace applications. JC Casting is one of very few investment cast foundries with the expertise to work with beryllium copper and other exotic alloys in both low and high volume production. We pour over 250,000 lbs. of beryllium copper castings every year, and have been casting beryllium copper since the early 1980s. The demand for this specialty alloy has been increasing ever since.

Advantages of Beryllium Copper Castings

High strength, high hardness, high conductivity, high elasticity, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and small elastic lag

  • After heat-treated,it provides high thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Beryllium copper offers hardness values greater than many steels. Similar or greater thermal conductivity to aluminum.
  • Beryllium copper castings are ductile. Easily welded and machined.
  • Resistant to non-oxidizing acids and to plastic decomposition products.
  • Beryllium copper casting alloys with 2.0% to 2.75% beryllium content provide outstanding wear, toughness, and anti-galling characteristics.
  • Even though beryllium copper exhibits high conductivity, it does not spark and is non-magnetic.
    (This material fulfills the requirements of the ATEX directive and is safe to use in “Ex Zones” where hazardous, flammable, or combustible vapors, liquids, dust, or residues may be present.)

2 Common Beryllium Copper Casting Alloys

High Strength Beryllium Copper

Be%Co% Si% Cu
C82500 (20C)1.90-2.250.35-0.700.20-0.35balance
C82800 (275C)2.50-2.850.35-0.700.20-0.35balance

High Conductivity Beryllium Copper

Be%Co% Ni% Cu
C82000 (10C)0.45-0.80 2.40-2.70balance
C82200 (3C)0.35-0.801.00-2.00balance