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JC Casting is one of the leading bucket teeth manufacturers and suppliers in China. We supply high-quality bucket teeth at a competitive price from our foundry.

Bucket teeth are an important part of an excavator or other machines. Similar to human teeth, it is also a vulnerable part. It consists of a combined bucket tooth composed of a tooth base and a tooth tip, and the two are connected by a pin shaft. The part that fails due to the wear of the bucket teeth is the tooth tip. Just replace the tooth tips.

Bucket Teeth Types for excavators

Excavator bucket teeth can be divided into rock teeth (for iron ore, quarry.), earthwork teeth (for excavating soil, sand.), conical teeth (for coal mines).

According to bucket tooth adapters: excavator bucket teeth can be divided into vertical pin bucket teeth (mainly Hitachi excavators), horizontal pin bucket teeth (Komatsu excavators, Carter excavators, Daewoo excavators, Kobelco excavators, etc.), Rotary bucket teeth (V series bucket teeth).

Bucket Teeth for excavator brands

The more commonly used imported excavators in the market are Carter, Komatsu, Hitachi, Daewoo, Kobelco, Hyundai.

Commonly used for China excavators: XCMG, Yuchai, SEM, Sany Heavy Industry, Lingong, Shantui, Foton Lovol, Liugong, Xiamen Engineering, Chenggong, Longgong, Shanhe Intelligent, Zoomlion.

Bucket Teeth Materials

The most commonly used materials for excavator bucket teeth are high manganese steel series, low carbon martensitic series, and high chromium cast iron series. They each have their own characteristics.

  • High manganese steel has good toughness and wears resistance under work hardening conditions.
  • High-chromium cast iron is wear-resistant, but has poor toughness and is not impact-resistant.
  • Low carbon martensitic steel performance is in the middle of the two. Good processing performance

More 40MN2 for forging. Too much material to cast. But it’s all low alloy steel.

Bucket Teeth Process

The main processes of bucket teeth are sand casting, forging, precision investment casting.

Sand Casting

The cost is the lowest. The technology level and the quality of the bucket teeth are not as good as precision investment casting and forging.


The highest cost and the best craftsmanship and tooth quality.

Precision investment casting

The cost is moderate. The requirements for raw materials are very strict. The technology level is relatively high.

Due to the ingredients, some of the precision investment casting bucket teeth have even higher wear resistance and quality than forging bucket teeth. Precision casting bucket teeth is the mainstream manufacturing process for bucket teeth on the market.


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