Construction is a general term.The Construction casting market is one of the large sectors we serve at JC Casting.It has both practical and decorative effects

There are often two priorities in this industry: Safety and Detail. Our construction castings comply with the rule of safety first. It has both practical and decorative effects. JC Casting All construction parts were achieved with our investment casting processes and machining.

Construction detailed industries
furniture hardware series, door hardware series, bathroom hardware series. kitchen hardware

Construction Casting from JC CASTING

The specific requirements of each order are discussed from the start so we can provide your parts using the correct metal and process. Architectural castings have been used for:

Hinges, slide rails, locks, nails, handles, hangers, door stoppers, clothes hooks, plate pins
Light fittings
Lift interiors
Fountain parts
Balustrades and banisters
Handrail glass clamps
Support clamps

Typical Materials for choosing

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Aluminum
  3. Copper, Brass, Bronze