What is Container Corner Casting? Container Corner Castings are corner parts for shipping containers. Container corner casting is the key element to the structural maneuverability of shipping containers. they allow shipping containers to not only be able to be locked together both horizontally and vertically. It is good for transport modes of ship, rail, and road.

JC Casting is an ISO 1161 container corner casting manufacturer and supplier in China.

Standard ISO container corner casting dimensions

  • Size: 178mm x 162mm x 118mm, 7.01*2.44*4.65 inch
  • Wall Thickness: 3/4 “

A standard shipping container uses 8 corner castings:

Top Left – 2
Top Right – 2
Bottom Left – 2
Bottom Right – 2

ISO container corner casting drawing

Corner Casting for Container Details

  • ISO 1161 Container Corner Castings
  • Material: High Quality Casting Steel, SCW 480, SCW 490
  • Size: 178mm x 162mm x 118mm
  • Wall Thickness: 3/4 “
  • Weight: 11.00 kgs/PCS.
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Tested and Certified and with dimensional requirements of ISO 1161
  • Standard Set: 8pcs/set,including 2TL,2TR,2BL,2BR
  • Surface Treatment: Raw / Painting
  • HS Code:7326909000
  • Packing: 100 pcs are packed into one pallet, 250 sets into one 20ft container
  • Applications:Dry cargo container, refrigerated container, folding container, open top container, mobile home, steel structure

Container corner casting manufacturer in China

JC Casting is a container corner casting manufacturer and supplier in China.

JC Casting specialized in manufacturing and selling Container corner fittings(corner casting) and other container parts. We have more than 10 years of ship container cargo lashing and securing production experience. From pattern designing & making to shell molds & cores creation and assembly. From pouring to shake-out, from cutting off raw castings to heat treatment and finishing. Each product we design and manufacture must comply with the most stringent safety and quality standards. To meet ISO 1161 standard.



Container Door Parts

Keeper LHISO
Keeper RHISO
Bear’g Bracket Outer LISO
Split Bush SmallISO
Bear’g Bracket Outer SISO
Split Bush LargeISO
Anti – Rack RingISO
Door Handle ForgeISO
Handle HubISO
Door Gasket2400 mm
Door Gasket2400 mm
Set Of SealISO
Hinge BladeISO
Hinge PinISO
Hinge LugISO

Flooring Plywood :

Flooring Plywood28 x1160x2400

Container Roof Panel (Corten)

Container Roof Panel2x1045x2356
Roof Panel Patch2x1045x600
Side Panel2x1116x2700
Side Panel2x1116x2400
Front End Panel2x1024x2400
Front End Panel2x1024x2700
Door Panel2x943x1953

Buttress (Corten)

Front Coner Post6×2400
Front Coner Post6×2700
Rear Corner Post6×2400
Rear Corner Post6×2700
Top Side RailSquare 3.5x60x60x6000
Bottom Side Rail4x48x162x30x3000
Door Sill4x158x150x2400
Door Header4x130x110x110x2400
Front Bottom Rail5x32x40x75x154x40x2400
Container Cross MemberU4x45x45x2330
Container Cross MemberU4x45x75x2330