Energy Industry Part Supplier

JC Casting has the depth of experience and the technical expertise of more than 100 alloys and centrifugal, sand, and investment casting capabilities. These can help energy customers make their products better and safer. While adapting to these rapidly changing market conditions.
JC Casting offers solutions for high-wear and high-heat applications for energy customers. Our comprehensive experience in the energy industry includes a leading position as a supplier of components for land-based turbine engines for both onshore and offshore applications.
Meanwhile, the service for petrochemical customers makes JC Casting an ideal partner for high-temperature biomass applications.

Typical Renewable Energy Products

Typical Energy Products
Control valve cages
Flow meter bodies
High pressure glands
High pressure pump glands seal components
Impellers / Diffusers / Bowls
Land-based turbine engine components
Piping Flanges / Weldolets
Pressure boundary components
Secondary water system intakes
Bearing supports
Chain link components
Compressor cases
Distance rings
Furnace tubes and assemblies
Needle valve housings
Runner blade bushings and seals
Split bushings
Shaft sleeves
Thrust washers
Wear rings,Seal rings

Typical Renewable Energy Applications Industry

  • Biopower / Biomass
  • Francis turbines
  • Hydroelectric energy / Hydropower
  • Kaplan turbines
  • Pelton turbines
  • Solar energy
  • Tidal energy / Tidal power
  • Wave energy / Wave power
  • Wind energy / Wind power