JC Casting is a well-known Grey Iron Casting Company in China. We are equipped to handle all your gray iron casting needs. From design and casting to machining, coating, and assembly. We work with a variety of industries. Including automotive, agricultural, machinery building, electronics, irrigation, ventilation, architecture, construction, and transportation. We are also capable of producing custom grey iron castings to meet your needs.

Grey Iron Casting Company

Whether you have already designed your part or need help with the design process. JC Casting is dedicated to delivering your cast iron part on time and within budget.

Grey Iron Casting Company Machine Capability

JC Casting specializes in providing grey iron castings that are hard and machinable. We have in-house machining facilities. Which allows us to perform machining on the castings once they are complete.

We recommend providing us with your casting and finished drawings. To ensure that your castings meet your exact specifications.  Our engineering team will follow the machining drawings. Our in-house machining capability allows us to save you more cost. This is by reducing the need for outsourcing machining services.

Common Grey Iron Grades and Chemical Content

Grey iron is a type of cast iron that is known for its excellent machinability and good damping capacity. It is widely used in a variety of industries due to its strength and durability. There are several different grades of grey iron. Each with its own unique chemical composition and properties.Below is from our foundry raw materials list:

Gray IronWall Thickness/mmCSiMnP≤S≤

Why Choose Us?

JC Casting is one of the reputable grey iron casting companies and suppliers. Here’s what we can offer:

  • Material Grades

Our gray iron castings are available in several material grades. Including ASTM A48, ASTM A159 and SAE J431. We also supply other specialty grades including ASTM A436 (ni-resist) and customer-specific chemistries.

  • Range of Sizes

We work with a wide range of foundries to insure we can provide you the exact size casting your project needs. Our gray iron castings weight range stretches from a few ounces up to 10,000 pounds, and our max envelope size is approximately 70” x 70”.

  • Range of Volume

We offer gray iron castings in a range of volumes. From prototype castings using 3D printed sand molds, up to production casting running in the hundreds of thousands. We likely work with a gray iron foundry that can meet your exact needs. JC provides high quality gray iron castings to customers all around the word.

  • Heat Treatment

Most of the time, grey iron castings are supplied to our customers in the as-cast condition directly. But For some purposes, gray iron castings can also be heat treated.

Looking for a reputable casting manufacturer? Start working with us! JC Casting is a world-renown Grey Iron Casting Company and Manufacturer with decades of experience in the casting industry. Our experienced engineers and technicians work hard.

To ensure that we provide high-quality and reliable castings for our customers. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. This is to create custom castings from a variety of metals to meet the requirements of any application. Our quality assurance procedures and standards are among the highest in the industry. Contact us to learn more! Email: info@jccasting.com or WhatsApp: +86 18105467890