1. What is Machining?

Machining is the process used to cut and manipulate raw material (investment casting blanks) of a finished product to ensure precision for unique shapes. Cutting, drilling, forming, grinding, and more are used to create final machined investment castings.

One of the main advantages of machining is its precision. Another is that it provides a nicer finished surface, which is important when the part is supposed to create a seal with another component or assembly. Although single machining adds extra production time and cost, the sacrifice is worthwhile if machining can satisfy all the needs of applications.

From agriculture, to mining, medical, aerospace to pumps and valves, machining is of great importance to ensure that any exact requirement is satisfied in machined investment casting.

2. Why Choose JC Casting to Provide One-stop-shop Machining Service?

We provide both conventional and CNC machining services to offer the following Machining processes:

Lathe turning

Milling, up to 5 axis CNC

Grinding, surface, OD and ID


Wire and die sink EDM

Threading, single point and grind

Drilling, reaming, and tapping

Our onsite machine shop enables us to supply fully finished investment castings that are ready for assembly. Our machining facilities are able to carry out multiaxis machining, turning, drilling and thread insertion. The machining department is equipped with CNC machining centers, CNC turning and conventional milling, drilling and turning equipment.

We can manufacture your components to the required standards and produce features that cannot be produced through casting alone. We are able to produce blind holes, threaded holes and slots. Kits of parts can be supplied with components typically being packed into customers own preferred and re-usable kit boxes on an agreed scheduling basis.

If you are tired of purchasing raw castings, sending them out for secondary machining operations, bringing them back in house for inspection, then re-sending out for heat treat and/or protective coating, look no further than JC Casting to eliminate this tedious exercise. JC Casting can be your one-stop-shop and has in-house machining capabilities as well as outside machining services available for specialized machining.  As a professional company in both investment casting and machining, we are equipped and experienced in delivering high quality machined investment castings at minimum cost. Whether it is short run or high volume, JC Casting wants to be your partner.