6 types of Sand Casting Materials

 JC CASTING is a China sand casting manufacturer and foundry with ISO 9001:2015. We can provide different high-quality, small and large sand casting services and products. In our casting foundry, a variety of sand casting materials can be chosen for your project need. 

Generally speaking, we provide 2 main types of sand casting materials:  ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The main 6 types of sand casting are 

  1. Steel
  2. Grey Iron
  3. Ductile Iron
  4. Aluminum Alloys
  5. Brass Alloys
  6. Bronze Alloys

Part One: Ferrous Sand Casting Materials


Cast steels offer a range of beneficial properties. It can provide sand-casted products with high tensile strength and high resistance to wear. It is a suitable material for applications where extreme conditions and temperatures are present. The steel Sand Casting Materials include:

  • Carbon Steel: Al, A2, A3, A4, A5 ,A6
  • Stainless Steel: SS304 and SS306. These two grades feature castability, corrosion-resistant and weldability characteristics.
  • High Tensile Steel: BT1, Bl2 and BT3

Grey Iron (BS EN1561)

Grey Iron is One of the most widely used cast irons. It is widely used in heavy-duty industrial components, household appliances. This metal has excellent resistance to corrosion, is of high strength, and is easily machinable.

The sand casting gray iron grade is

  • Grade 150
  • Grade 200
  • Grade 250

Ductile Iron

Ductile cast iron is also known as Spheroidal Graphite Iron or SG. Ductile Iron is used to produce parts that have to carry heavy loads or resist impacts. In some applications, it is also a suitable substitute for malleable iron.

The sand casting grade ductile iron is

  • Grade  400/15
  • Grade  450/10
  • Grade  500/7
  • Grade  600/3
  • Grade  700/2

Part Two: Non Ferrous Sand Casting Materials

Aluminum Alloys

The common grade of Aluminum Alloys used in sand casting

AlloyTemperBrinell Hardness (500 Kg)Yield StrengthShearing Strength (ksl)Ultimate Tensile Strength (ksi)
713.0 (Tenzaloy)T5 or F752326534
535.0 (Almag 35)F70202740

Common applications of Aluminum alloys used in Sand Casting:

  1. 713.0 (Tenzaloy)
  2. Sand casted products madeof this aluminum alloy includes pumps, mining equipment,automotive and trailer parts.
  3. 535.0(Almag 35)
  4. With the superior ductility it offers, this aluminum alloy is a good replacement for malleable irons. This alloy is a high strength alloy and commonly used to manufacture aircraft components -components that need a high dimensional stability as well as a high strength.
  5. A357.0
  6. A357.0 is commonly used for aerospace castings because of its high strength.
  7. A356.0
  8. A356.0 is commonly used to manufacture a number of structural parts (including high strength air- and space frame parts) as well as parts in truck chassis, high velocity blowers and impellers, and machine parts and components.
  9. 356.0
  10. Automotive transmission cases, pump bodies, flywheel castings and oil pans are manufactured from this aluminum alloy.
  11. 355.0
  12. Used to manufacture various components including crankcases, air compressor pistons, water jackets and printing presses.
  13. 319.0
  14. This aluminum alloy is used to produce a number of components including gas and oil tanks, various engine parts, engine oil pans, engine crankcases and typewriter frames.

Brass Alloys

Brass is an alloy that typically consists of zinc and copper. The red brass typically consists of 75% to 80% copper and between 5% and 15% zinc. Yellow brass typically consists of between 65% and 75% copper and 25% to 35% zinc.They are widely used in sand castings.

Red Brass

AlloyTensile Strength (ksl) Min. /Typ.Yield Strength (ksi) Min. /Typ.Elongation (ksi) Min. /Typ.Brinell Hardness10MM-5OO (kg)
C833OO/ 32/ 10/3535
C8360030 / 3714 / 1720 / 3050 -65
C8983330 / 4015 / 2016 / 1865 75

Yellow Brass

AlloyTensile Strength (ksl) Min. /Typ.Yield Strength (ksi) Min. /Typ.Elongation (ksi) Min. /Typ.Brinell Hardness10MM-5OO (kg)
C8540030 / 3411 / 1220 / 3540 • 60
C8570040 / 5014 / 1815 /4075

Common applications of Brass alloys used in Sand Casting:

  1. C83300
  2. C83300 is used to manufacture sand casted products such as electrical hardware parts and components.
  3. C83600
  4. This alloy is used to produce low pressure valves, hardware, fittings and general miscellaneous parts and components.
  5. C89833
  6. This brass alloy complies with the United States Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Safe Drinking Water Act, and is used to manufacture valves and fittings.
  7. C85400
  8. This brass alloy is most commonly used to produce ornamental hardware, furnishings and fittings.
  9. C85700
  10. C85700 is commonly used to produce ship trim, fittings, flanges for plumbers and ornamental hardwares.

Bronze Alloys

At JC Casting, we work with both aluminum bronze alloys as well as tin bronze and silicon bronze alloys.

Tin Bronze, Silicon Bronze and Aluminum Bronze Alloys

AlloyTensile Strength (ksi) Min. /Typ.Yield Strength (ksi) Min. /Typ.Elongation (ksi)Min. /Typ.Brinell Hardness 10MM -500 (kg)
C8750060 /6724 /3016 /21120 -135
C9370025 /3512 / 188/2055-70
C9260040 /4418 /2020 /3065-80
C9540075 /8530 /3512 /18170
C9530065 /7527 /2720 /28140

Manganese Bronze

AlloyTensile Strength (ksi) Min. /Typ.Yield Strength (ksi) Min. /Typ.Elongation (ksi)Min. /Typ.Brinell Hardness 10MM -500 (kg)
C86300 (424)110 /12060 /8312 / 18225
C86500 (421)65 /7025 /2820 /30130
C99700 (Tombasil)60 /7030 /3516 /20115

Common applications of Bronze alloys used in Sand Casting:

  1. C87500
  2. Sand casted products made from this alloy is commonly used in welding applications as well as for corrosion brazing.
  3. C93700
  4. With an acid resistance to Sulphite fluids, this alloy is used to produce high speed bushings.
  5. C92600
  6. C92600 is used to produce pump pistons and screw nuts, as well as heavy duty bearings.
  7. C95400
  8. This particular alloy is used to manufacture worm gears operating under heavy loaded conditions and low speeds.
  9. C95300
  10. C95300 is used in the parts of mining machines as well as to produce gears and cams.
  11. C86300(424)
  12. This alloy is commonly used to produce parts and components such as heavy load bearing gears and screw down nuts.
  13. C86500(421)
  14. C86500 alloy is used to manufacture machinery parts and is used as a substitute for malleable iron and steel.
  15. C99700(Tombasil)
  16. Used to produce marine hardware and corrosion resistant components, this alloy is also used to make ornamental castings, and eye bolts.