JC Casting JC casting is a container corner supplier from China. We can provide different material container corners. Such as 304 316 stainless steel container corner. Steel Casting Container Corner. (scw480 490 container corner)

What is a Container Corner?

The container corner is the key part of the container. They are also the structural part of the container. They are very important in the production and manufacture of containers. Container corners have many names. For example, container corners, container top corners.

Container Corner Types

According to the material.

It can be divided into cast steel container corner, aluminum container corner, and stainless steel container corner. 

Cast steel container corners are not simply cast iron.
Cast iron corner fittings cannot be used in the transportation of containers, and the safety hazard is very high. The container corner fittings must be produced by the largest foundry.

Cast Steel container corner. Its materials and process equipment have strict requirements. The material has the most famous term scw480 490

Aluminum corner pieces just borrow the size and structure of a container. Its use is very narrow and haste.

Stainless steel container corner

The main stainless steel corner pieces are 304 stainless steel corner pieces and 316 stainless steel corner pieces. This corner piece has strong corrosion resistance.

According to the size

It can be divided into standard container corner and non-standard container corner.

The size of the standard container corner is 162*118*178mm. Most of the containers use this size of container corner. And the containers we usually see on the road and in the sea basically use this type of box angle. The corner fittings used for 20′, 40′ flat containers,s and 40′ high containers are the same.

Non-standard corner fittings are used in some special containers. Such as European 45-foot ultra-wide boxes, and 48-foot ultra-wide boxes. Folding boxes, platform boxes, etc.  

Container Coner Quality

It is precise because of the importance of corner fittings that the factory that produces corner fittings has passed the certification of the classification society. Container box corner factories are generally certified by bv, abs, ccs, and Lloyd’s Register. Besides the strict control of the products by the corner fittings factory itself, many shipping companies require separate third-party inspections for corner fittings. Issue and provide a third-party marine inspection certificate. Commonly known as “batch inspection”.

Container Coner Manufacturer

JC Casting can provide you with container corners in different sizes and materials. At the same time cultivate third-party testing certificates. If you need stainless steel corner coners, please contact us: info@jccasting.com